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A healthy Elvis Dumervil should improve the Ravens defense

The consistent Dumervil should once again put in work for the Ravens in 2014.

Rob Carr

Elvis Dumervil : defense :: spark plug : engine. And no, we're not taking the MATs.

In 2013, the outside linebacker had 9.5 total sacks, including four whopping sacks in his three measly starts. (Imagine if he started all 16?)

Dumervil has been indubitably consistent throughout his career, razing quarterbacks since 2006 and averaging approximately 11 pull downs per season. Now, after a year of building chemistry with his Ravens teammates and familiarizing himself with Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees’ schemes, we expect more from the bull rusher.

With Dumervil pressuring the quarterbacks’ blindsides, expect epic disasters in the backfield.

Opposing signal callers will get caught in a maelstrom when Terrell Suggs and Dumervil come to town.

The outside linebacker’s 5-foot-11, 255 imposing pound frame will subjugate offensive linemen come feast time.

Expect his 31 tackles total from his recent campaign to skyrocket off the stat sheet this autumn.

Which Ravens player do you think is #OnTheHop?