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Ravens running back Bernard Pierce tweets he's not hurt after it's reported he might be hurt


Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens running back Bernard Pierce doesn't seem too pleased about the connection made between walking out of practice with a team doctor and possibly being hurt.

At Saturday's training camp practice, this was reported by not only local reporters, but the team's Twitter account itself.

Well, Pierce is having none of that. Having had rotator cuff surgery in the offseason, Pierce took to his own Twitter handle to let his followers know that he's just fine.

(Pierce has since deleted this tweet.)

Hey, that's Twitter in 2014. We're all culprits and victims simultaneously. But would everyone — including Pierce — prefer to go back to the old method, where no one had the kind of 24-hour access to news events, athletes, celebrities and the common man/woman?

Probably not.