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Ravens defensive end DeAngelo Tyson could be primed for a bigger season than people think

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Look out for DeAngelo Tyson to put in a solid year in 2014.

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Deangelo Tyson holds one thing that's on his cohorts' wish lists: two seasons under Dean Pees. Experience, experience, experience, Daniel you're lacking experience. I've applied to 250 jobs. Go, me.

Tyson has experience. Two sacks last year. Two forced fumbles in 2012. He devoured the quarterback in back-to-back games last season, wrapping up Bengals' quarterback Andy Dalton and Jay Cutler's backup Josh McCown of the Bears.

That's big time, considering that both team's offensive lines, respectively, gave up 29 (third) and 30 (fourth) sacks in 2013.

If that's an indicator that Tyson is a beast — he's an easy pick for an #OnTheHop exclusive.

His stat sheet, those aren't eye-popping numbers for a defensive end on any level. Lucky for Tyson, Chris Canty just had to register two sacks in 13 starts. That's pathetic, in a good way?

Time out. Tyson had TWO last season?! More than Haloti Ngata (1.5)? More than Arthur Brown (0.5) and Courtney Upshaw (1.5)?! Calm down, Daniel. This is why you're getting rejected.

I envision Tyson racking up Buffalo Bills' Jerry Hughes-type numbers in 2014. Hughes has put the silencer on his grinder and worked his way up to the top of the league. After chiseling his craft, the undersized defensive lineman finished with 10 sacks last year.

The same height as Hughes, Tyson's 6-foot-2 frame should generate similar figures playing on the Ravens hybrid style defense. Don't worry about his weight, the powerful Tyson should maul over offensive linemen.

Which Ravens player do you think is #OnTheHop?