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Run blocking more important than Ray Rice suspension

The suspension of Ray Rice was a big story over the offseason, but it's not the most important one for the Ravens' success.

Rob Carr

Multiple sports columnists had Ray Rice's suspension as a possible hindrance to the Ravens offensive success. But his two-game suspension will have a smaller impact on the Ravens offense than the ability of the Ravens O-Line to open up holes for running backs.

After all Ray Rice only averaged 3.1 yards per carry, had 660 yards, four touchdowns, and had only one game with 100 yards rushing — and that was against the 31st worst rushing defense (Chicago Bears). If the Ravens' offensive line isn't good enough for Bernard Pierce, Lorenzo Taliaferro, or Justin Forsett to run through, why should we expect Rice to be able to run through it and experience success?

In my opinion, Ray Rice's suspension is a bigger problem for him than the Ravens. Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak's scheme has produced 1,000-yard rushers out of no-name RBs including Olandis Gary, who filled in for Terrell Davis in Denver after he missed the entire 1999 season.

If Kubiak's scheme can make up for losing a back like Davis for 16 games surely it can make up for losing Rice over the much easier two. Heck, maybe Pierce or Taliaferro could steal the job over the two games.

All I'm saying is the offensive line's ability to open up holes is more important than Rice being suspended.