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Ravens still waiting for decision on Ray Rice

Ray Rice will face a suspension. The question is when will he receive it and how many games will it be?

Rob Carr

The NFL has still yet to make a decision on Ray Rice, which you'd think would be coming any moment now.

Rice was arrested and charged with assaulting his now-wife Janay Rice back in New Jersey this past February. Janay Rice was arrested in that same incident, though charges were later dropped. Rice has since apologized to the public for what happened and was entered into a pretrial diversion program.

Still, he's yet to answer any questions on it, with fans divided on it. Anyway, you'd have to wonder how this affects the Ravens' distribution of reps in practice. As long as the situation lingers, Rice can't exactly have his reps taken anyway, even though he could wind up facing anywhere from a one- to four-game suspension.

However, the Ravens do apparently have some time. As Ravens coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Wednesday, it won't affect the franchise for a few weeks based on the way they structure practice.

"I don't think it affects us until halfway through training camp, maybe," Harbaugh said Tuesday. "We'll be business as usual until then. We're installing for the first six days and working situations through the first, really, two preseason games. Once we get past that second preseason game, then we'll need to know that. Whenever they're ready to let us know, we'll be ready to hear it."

Even so, it would seem there's not much else to mull over when it comes to Rice. It's time to make a decision on this and get it over with. All of the facts have been presented and Rice met with Roger Goodell a while back. There are a lot of people that simply want the matter dealt with so it can be time to move on from it.