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Ravens receiver Torrey Smith ready to become a national name

After a solid season, Torrey Smith is ready to burst onto the scene of elite receivers.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Even more so then Dennis Pitta, wide receiver Torrey Smith will benefit from the new coaching staff.

Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak's offense will use him in the "X" role that Andre Johnson occupied for years. The latter was used in the slot as well, but with Steve Smith most likely dominating the position, scheme wise, the use of Torrey Smith might be exactly the same. Nevertheless, it will definitely be more efficient.

The West Coast offense will rely on timing and precision. Smith is quick an explosive out of his breaks. He could be devastating on deep in routes, that will also show off his speed after the catch. The offense will also allow Smith and quarterback Joe Flacco to build a real rapport which will end affecting the exact location on those deep ins and other timing routes like slants, outs and so on. Often times, Flacco would throw the ball high on those very timing route, taking away Smith's ability after the catch. As for drag routes, the timing would also often be late.

The nine routes will (thankfully) be minimized. Kubiak's offense will not take as many deep shots and when talking about deep balls, less is more. Andre Johnson never averaged over 15.5 yards. But even being the centerpiece of Houston's offense for so long, he was someone you could always bet on. He delivered game in and game out because of the efficiency of the offense and Kubiak's brilliant scheming, which always found ways to get him open. Running the ball effectively also helps. Johnson had his best seasons with Steve Slaton (2008) and most notably Arian Foster at running back.

The addition of Steve Smith will also help. Torrey Smith's biggest weaknesses are his ability to release, the sharpness of his breaks and his strength. While his strength may be maxed out, the other two deficiencies can definitely be fixed.