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Congratulations Steve Smith

The Smith family adds one more to the clan. Expect his new son to be punching people soon... #iceupson

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Steve Smith, the Ravens newly acquired Wide Receiver, and his wife Angie has just had their fourth child today. The baby is a boy, and his name, Stevonne Smith Jr.

The Ravens' new addition to the wide receiving corps is one of two receivers to welcome little ones into the world this offseason. Torrey Smith welcomed his son TJ back in early April. Clearly Ravens players had some time on their hands about 9 months ago.

With Mini-camps over and training camp a few weeks away, the Ravens' players are getting a little more vacation time with their families. Steve Smith took an opportunity to livetweet the moment as well as speak to how tough women and especially his wife is.

Now Steve Smith can literally ice up his son... #iceupson

Baltimore Beatdown wants to be one of the first to congratulate the Smith family on their beautiful addition to their household.