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The NFL's biggest heroes

Last week I wrote an article detailing the villains of the NFL. This week here are the heroes of the NFL. The players here are known for their class and charitable nature.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Bears CB Charles Tillman

Affectionately known as Peanut, Tillman has raised a charity for chronically ill children after his daughter was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. He was the recipient for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award in 2013.

Texans DE J.J. Watt

Aside from being one of the few marquee players on the Texans, Watt is also an advocate for the Play 60 Program and founded the Justin J. Watt foundation which provides support to afterschool programs to schools in Texas and Wisconsin.

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald

Aside from being the face of the Cardinals franchise and one of the best wide receivers in the league despite having a sub-par cast of quarterbacks throwing to him, Fitzgerald has participated in multiple charities off the field. He established the Larry Fitzgerald First Down Fund that funds positive activities for kids to do. He established the Carol Fitzgerald Memory Fund to support causes such as providing information to urban youth about AIDS and breast cancer issues. He was a spokesman for A Crucial Catch and makes donations based off of his production. Fitzgerald has done of a lot of charitable work throughout the years.

Lions WR Calvin Johnson

Johnson is the opposite of the diva receivers that dominated the early 2000s'. He's classy, doesn't have ridiculous touchdown celebrations, and helps disadvantaged youth through the Calvin Johnson Jr. foundation.

Steelers SS Troy Polamalu

He's very quiet off the field and has been a cornerstone of the Steelers defense for the past decade.

Ravens WR Torrey Smith

His game against the Patriots after the death of his brother has given him a place of endearment. But Smith has participated in off field charities and other activities such as advocating against animal abuse, making a rap with his wife encouraging kids to stay in school and get an education and founding the Torrey Smith Foundation which provides at-risk youth with support in physical, educational, and financial challenges and to help victims of domestic violence.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

Wilson is the opposite of many of his Seattle teammates. He's humble and isn't going to give any loud-mouthed statements like Richard Sherman (who made the villains list) would. Wilson makes weekly visits to children in Seattle hospitals and soldiers in Joint Base Lewis-McChord.