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ICYMI: Two amazing speeches from the ESPYs Thursday night

Longtime ESPN sportscaster Stuart Scott and Rams rookie pass-rusher Michael Sam delivered some inspiring speeches at the ESPY Awards on Thursday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last night's ESPYs Awards gave the world two inspiring speeches to ponder over.

The first came from Rams rookie Michael Sam, who became the first active openly gay player in the NFL. Sam's upbringing was rough, with siblings getting in trouble with the law, some of which would later die or become incarcerated. It was a rough childhood in Texas, to which football became an escape for him.

In his speech, Sam, accepting the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, couldn't hold back his tears while showing his nerves on stage. It was a real moment from the heart, with an athlete realizing the magnitude of what putting one's self out there like that can be. As vulnerable as Sam has made himself by being true to himself in public, he has the potential to make lives easier for gay youth across the country. Here's the speech in case you were unable to watch it.

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Then came Stuart Scott, the longtime ESPN sportscaster that folks like myself grew up watching. He's been battling cancer for the past seven years, continuing to fight, as he put it, so he can be there for his two daughters. Scott has had an extremely successful career, putting phrases such as, "Boo ya!" and, "Cooler than the other side of the pillow" into the mainstream.

It's been tough for Scott to endure the rigors of battling cancer. Continuing to battle, Scott received the Jimmy V Perseverance Award. Here's the segment on his journey, followed by his moving speech about what it means to not give up.

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