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VIDEO: Ravens players Chris Canty, Torrey Smith get workouts in before training camp begins

Both starters continue to prepare for the upcoming season.

Patrick Smith

With training camp approaching, off-site workouts will be coming to an end.

Before we get a good look at the players when camp starts, here's a sneak peak into what they've been doing away during the slow part of the summer. On Tuesday, we posted a video of Ray Rice working out with Sweat Performance. Here are two more videos today.

The first was posted by Chris Canty on his Instagram account, working out with a trainer. In this clip, he's focusing on arms and hands, before exploding to the quarterback.

Canty didn't show for OTAs but was in attendance for minicamp. But it's clear that he's put in the work this offseason. He'll be needed as this defensive line looks to put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks this season.

The second video is from Pete Bommarito, the owner of Bommarito Performance Systems. It features Torrey Smith working on his footwork.

Hey, Smith sure looks quick in this clip. With an added emphasis on the play-action deep pass this year, Smith will look to use that speed even more than in previous seasons to get behind opposing secondaries.