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Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith announces birth of son

After a not-so-great week, Smith had some good news to deliver.

Mitch Stringer-US PRESSWIRE

First a tree fell on his house. Then he was arrested.

Last week was not good for Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith. But Monday, July 14 probably erased most of the bad for the up-and-coming NFL corner.

Smith took to Instagram to announce the birth of his child, stating that "James Michael II has been born."

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In all likelihood, Smith will see the failure to obey charges levied against him over the weekend dropped since it's an extremely minor issue legally. The main reason it's a big deal in the NFL landscape is because it marked the fifth time a Ravens player was arrested this offseason.

But welcoming a child into the world can erase the headaches of the world. Congratulations to Smith and his family.