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Perspective on the Ravens' offseason

So the Ravens are already being labeled as criminals again and if you take a good hard look, it's not as bad as you think.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have gotten a lot of negative attention off the field and they're looking like the old Ravens that John Harbaugh was called to come and change. But take a step back, breathe in, and actually look at the details, and you'll see a different story.

No, I'm not for a second saying that what Ray Rice did was any less bad. It was and he deserves whatever the NFL is taking it's good old time to deliver. It's the rest of it that I'm talking about.

Like Jah Reid getting busted for assaulting two men in a bar or Deonte Thompson getting pulled over in a car with marijuana. Those are bad things, but Jah Reid and Deonte Thompson probably aren't going to be wearing purple come September; they're going to be forgotten by this time next year at the latest.

Lorenzo Taliaferro getting drunk and breaking a cab window? Sure, it's nothing to write home to mother about, but it's not the worst thing a college student has done after a few drinks. This time next year it will probably be all forgotten, no sleep lost on my part and I doubt anything of note is going to come of it, other than the gassers he's reportedly had to do.

Jimmy Smith's episode in the Green Turtle sounds like he was just trying to help out a friend that was intoxicated/ OD'ing on cocaine and took it too far. Should he not have used choice words to the cops? Yes. But I sincerely doubt that if a friend of mine was in a bathroom and unconscious I wouldn't say something in the heat of the moment that I would regret if someone pulled me away from a friend that I was trying to assist. Should Jimmy not have that kind of company? He shouldn't, but not everyone's going to be friends with Saints and Boy Scouts.

I'm not convinced that this is anything to panic about. Smith was reportedly cooperative after the arrest and released with a citation. If he had been using cocaine as well the cops would've noticed that he was, that's not just something that you just miss, especially when you've been trained to do so. He hasn't done something to "damage the reputation of the shield" so I don't believe anything will happen to him and honestly the only concern that we should have with Jimmy is that 2013 was just a big fluke for him.

In the long run this offseason is going to be small potatoes in the long run outside of the Ray Rice incident. Is it going to bring back the "criminal Ravens team" image? Sure, but realistically it never went away. People still hate Ray Lewis and let's face it, the Ravens have never been a popular team, it's just a fact.

My advice for you is to sit back, relax, and take everything into perspective, it's really not the end of the world.