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Tree falls on Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith's house during storm

No bueno.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith has had better days.

Smith posted a video to his Instagram account on Thursday that showed a fallen tree that landed on his house. The Mid-Atlantic has been experiencing some storms of late, and Smith, along with many other Marylanders, have been affected as a result.

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Smith was left without power, but more importantly, he now has a tree to get off of his house. On the video, Smith had a pertinent question to ask.

"How do you get rid of a fallen tree on your house? Please tell me," he said.

Plenty of his Instagram followers gave Smith some advice, including some that actually do business in removing trees from properties. The weather has been violent lately, with storms coming through the area all week.

Making things weirder, we're expected to have another round of the polar vortex next week, making temperatures feel like it's spring all over again.

Maybe the cooler weather will be able to lift Smith's spirits up about the tree that unfortunately fell on his house.