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Ravens offense: favorite plays from second half of 2013 season

The Ravens went on to finish the second half of a solid 8-8 campaign with a 5-3 record. These plays generated on offense caught our attention.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Besides the lopsided victory against the terrible New York Jets (19-3), the Ravens won four games by an average margin of 2.5 points, barely edging the Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Vikings and Lions.

A few things to keep an eye out for:

  • Week 12: Joe Flacco threw a couple of deep bombs against the New York Jets. One ball sailed in front of former Ravens safety Ed Reed's face for a 66-yard touchdown and landed into the jazz hands of Jacoby Jones. Torrey Smith also hauled in a perfect pass along the rail for a 60-yard completion.
  • Week 13: Flacco hits the speedy Smith a week later for a 54-yarder. Ike Taylor and Will Allen of the Pittsburgh Steelers better watch out in 2014.
  • Week 14: Marlon Brown makes a pretty toe-tapping grab to seal the deal at M&T Stadium to cap - or tap should I say - a snowy thriller.
  • Week 15: Justin Tucker hit a nasty 61-yard field goal to humble the pride in Detroit. That set the Lions back in the playoff hunt behind the Packers and the Chicago Bears.
Enjoy this short movie and dream -- about how much more gumption Flacco's throws will have in 2014 with veteran Steve Smith and Dennis Pitta on the field.