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Ravens fan represents NFL's best

Remember the Ravens fan-turned-astronaut? He's second best.

Reid Wiseman is the second-best cheerleader in professional football history.

Today we honor Baltimore's finest, Larry Henson, for representing #RavensNation and the National Football League.

Captain Dee-fense is the only NFL fan inducted into the Fan Hall of Fame, meaning that Viking World Order's Syd and Diggz and the iconic New York Jets superfan Fireman Ed were no match for the all-powerful Henson. (Thanks, Mark Sanchez.)

Earlier (without hashtagging ThrowbackThursday), the Captain tweeted a picture of him giving his speech at the Fan Hall of Fame induction ceremony two years ago.

How was the legacy born?

Years ago in the Memorial Stadium parking lot, a little girl spotted Larry Henson wearing his camouflage pants and asked him, "Are you the captain of defense?" That afternoon, Captain Dee-Fense was born. A 24-year military veteran, Captain D is now a staple at Ravens home games in his full purple military uniform. His presence is felt well beyond M&T Bank Stadium. As a community leader, he regularly speaks at hospitals, fundraisers, and charity events. During his induction speech, Captain D came to tears, saying "I would be remiss not to thank Purple Nation back home."

If you're not already, please 'Like' his Facebook page. He asked me to, so I'm sharing it with our readers.

We talked with Captain Dee-Fense and he had this to say about the upcoming year:


I'm very optimistic about the upcoming year. The defense will be much younger and faster with the insertion of more youth.There is competition at a couple of position which always brings out the best in a team. I'm curious to see who plays alongside Daryl Smith at the inside LB position. We'll also have some pretty good rotation on the D line.

I'm  excited and really looking forward to our new offense. With the addition of Steve Smith alone, it will open up the middle of the field for Dennis PItta, Torrey Smith and Marlon Brown. Steve Smith, the wily veteran who won't blow by anyone but  knows how to find the soft spots in the defense. He will also bring a certain  "swag" and toughness to the offense. I believe with the new OC Gary Kubiak and QB coach and if the O line gives Joe time,  this will be his best passing year yet.  Ozzie will get the O line taken care of before the season starts one way or the other to improve the running game. With Jacoby as the returner and  we get a Top 10 performance from the defense and a Top 15 performance from the offense, we'll be right where we belong, atop the AFC North.

Boom. Can your team's most-amazing fan do that?

Good to know that the real Cap' plays for Baltimore -- and he's (definitely) not being overpaid.

Ravens fans -- not Vikings fans -- bleed purple.

Ravens fans -- not Steelers -- bleed black.