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Flacco and Yanda in NFL's Top 100

Quarterback Joe Flacco and right guard Marshal Yanda make their way into the NFL's Top 100.

Patrick Smith

No real surprises here, Quarterback Joe Flacco and right guard Marshal Yanda make their way into the NFL's Top 100.

Joe Flacco - Quarterback - #58

Even though he isn't the highest paid quarterback in the league, Flacco ranks largely above several quarterbacks that get more attention and more money than him. Matthew Stafford (#100), Colin Kaepernick (#81), and Tony Romo (#71) all appear higher up the list than the Ravens Super Bowl MVP quarterback. It really isn't even a question why if you compare the quarterbacks together.

Flacco is the only Super Bowl winning quarterback that matches his rocket arm with his durability and ability to just flat out win games. Not one for inflated stats, Flacco is one of football's winning-est quarterbacks and looks to continue on that trend this year under new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak. The Ravens were so impressed with the quarterback that he was at one time given the largest contract for a quarterback at $120 million.

Marshal Yanda - Right Guard - #55

Yanda has been one of the best guards in the league since the Ravens drafted him in the 3rd round of the 2007 NFL draft. The three time Pro Bowl player (2011, 2012, 2013) is finally getting the credit he deserves as the anchor for the Ravens' offensive line. A quiet, hard working player out of Iowa, Yanda has made a name for himself as a guy that shows up, injured or not, and gives 100% and manhandling defensive lines with his notorious mean streak.

That is the main reason that the Ravens rewarded Marshal Yanda with a five-year, $32 million contract and why he is making an appearance at spot #55.

While the NFL Top 100 list is only at #51, a few more Ravens should make appearances on the list. Check back at Baltimore Beatdown often for updates on which Ravens are most revered.