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Patience on free agents is a must

Ravens fans should take care to be patient when approaching the remainder of the offseason, because Ozzie Newsome always is.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, our own Daniel Park handily noted the current cap space situation that faces the front office, a number figuring in around $4.3 million. This suggests there is capitol for some final roster maneuvering. But there is also time. Elsewhere on the web, the Ravens Official Website took careful stock of the remaining free agents available at the greatest positions of need, Offensive Tackle and Cornerback, whilst posing the question, "Who's Out There?" This sort of uncertainty is more than fair given the vacation time between OTA's and Training Camp. The boredom breeds guesswork. But instead, I urge patience.

Popular names such as Eric Winston or Asante Samuel continue to appear with possible connections to the Ravens. Both players considered beyond their prime could be brought in to compete with the current expected starters in Rick Wagner, OT, and Chykie Brown, CB, both former fifth round picks respectively. Similarly, the front office has not shied away from noting their certain proclivity for adding veteran depth after June 1st. There is little reason to believe that the team is done adding players. Yet, I urge patience still. Be patient, because you know that Ozzie Newsome will be. Newsome even came out to say that while he has perused the free-agent list and knows who is out there, there are no current plans to bring in players.

Because of the June 1 deadline and salary cap acceleration, we'll just have to wait and see who gets released. We might become more active later in the week, but right now we're holding steady.

There are still loose ends to be tied up financially, the expressed interest in extending Torrey Smith's contract this offseason have been made. This is most certainly a priority at the moment over adding a Winston or Samuel. the Ravens have, since their Super Bowl victory, shown a direct interest in the future, first by jettisoning 8 starters from the championship team and further with non-need based additions such as first round pick C.J. Mosley. The Ravens know that patience is key to a successful NFL franchise. Ozzie will find the players he wants when he wants them, but he is not one to jump the proverbial gun. And therefore, I say neither should we. It is tempting to speculate about the free agent pool. Right tackle and corner are clearly the biggest question marks on a team still pulling a 180 from raising the Lombardi just about 18 months past. But in the mean time, the Ravens have placed their trust in a couple of young fifth rounders looking to take over starting roles. Who knows if they stick? Only time can tell. In the mean time, let us pour over James Hurst game film and join in a collective prayer that the Ravens' backfield isn't forming some sort of art heist at this point.

Speculation is fun. Everyone is going to do it. But for now the Ravens seem content to let things play themselves out. It would be wholly surprising if the Ravens did not add more corner depth or help along the line, but they are in no rush. Remember, Bryant McKinnie was signed in late August back in 2011. If the youth does not cut it, we all know what is out there for Ozzie to pick from. But until then, be patient.