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Ravens best tweets of the week

A wedding, birthday celebration and a private jet?

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

A wedding, birthday celebration and a private jet?  These are my favorite tweets from the Ravens this week. To start off, A.Q. Shipley, the 28-year-old left guard out of Penn State, tweeted his joy earlier today.

Congratulations to him and his beautiful wife, Cammie Jurkowsky!

A retweet is still considered as a tweet, which Gino Gradkowski kindly did for Mr. Sean Caron.

(Laugh at me now) but I've never seen Pulp Fiction. Apologies to Ryan Jensen, I'm not the biggest fan of Quentin Tarantino.

Wait, just realized that Uma Thurman was in the 1994 thriller. I might watch that tonight.

Can Marlon Brown get an amen?!

We're already knocking on the doors of July--life is moving too fast--appreciate what you have and how far you've come.

Time flies, so I wonder why Matt Elam just added, "need a private jet" to his goal list?

Last but not least, a huge "Happy Birthday" to Terrence Cody! The nose tackle fighting to stay on the roster turned 26 today.

I'll be in Richmond; don't expect to spot me! For everybody else, Josephine's it is.