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Ravens rookie linebacker C.J. Mosley feels ready to start Week 1

Mosley was Baltimore's first-round choice out of Alabama.

Larry French

Despite having Daryl Smith and Arthur Brown in place at inside linebacker, the Ravens thought highly enough of former Alabama standout C.J. Mosley that they selected him in the first round of this year's NFL draft.

Based on all reports and accounts, Mosley seems like someone that should contribute in a big way for the Ravens in 2014. In fact, he believes he's on track to start in Week 1's game against Cincinnati. Speaking to's Ryan Mink, Mosley confirmed that notion.

"The coaches feel comfortable with the way I’m playing and comfortable enough that I know the defense," Mosley told Mink. "It’s all about how I feel right now, and I feel like I’m doing a great job."

(Note to Mosley: John Harbaugh hates the word comfortable. He may cringe when reading that quote.)

You have to think that Smith will remain as the Mike linebacker with Mosley playing the Will. Long-term, you'd think Mosley will take the Mike responsibilities over with Brown becoming the starting Will linebacker.

Mosley has the skill set to perfectly fit in to this defense. He has a reputation for being a smart and intelligent player on the field, and Ravens fans will be anxious to see that on the field this fall.