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Ozzie Newsome: Ravens want to extend contracts for Torrey Smith, Jimmy Smith and Justin Tucker

The Ravens are looking to keep these three Ravens in place for a while.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens are keen on making sure those players that are deemed valuable stick around with contract extensions, which can be seen as rewards for a job well done.

According to Ravens vice president of public and community relations Kevin Byrne, the Ravens have a few guys that the club is looking to extend still. Speaking with Ozzie Newsome and relaying the information in a column for, Byrne wrote that in addition to Haloti Ngata, Torrey Smith, Jimmy Smith and Justin Tucker are all players that are in line for extensions.

Byrne writes that the offseason needs began when the front office all met at Steve Bisciotti's home in Jupiter, Fla. One of the first items of note Byrne lists is making sure Ngata and Terrell Suggs are extended to be Ravens for life. Suggs was accomplished. The rest have yet to happen.

The Ravens are still working on extensions for the two Smiths and Tucker but have yet to get those finalized.

I'm sure it's a vote of confidence for these players to see their names linked to potential new deals. Tucker may be easiest to extend, with the other three pushing for more money. Torrey Smith and Jimmy Smith are represented by Drew Rosenhaus, who won't go away without getting the maximum amount possible. Ngata surely won't want to take a pay cut to stick around, so the Ravens have to figure out a way to lower his $16 million cap figure without it being seen as an insult.

All in all, Ngata is probably the only one to be somewhat concerned about. But based on recent comments, he's stated he'd like to be a Raven for life. So there's still good reason to believe he'll be in the Ravens' plans for the foreseeable future.