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Hensley: Pitta has declared 100 percent healthy's Jamison Hensley shares in his latest video what Ravens fans should expect from their star tight end.


What should Ravens expect from Dennis Pitta in 2014?  Pitta, Baltimore's star tight end, dislocated his hip during last year's training camp and consequently missed 12 regular season games. DP looks to regain his form from a couple seasons back, when he tied a tight end record with seven touchdown receptions.

He went on to snag three more in four playoff games. If you've forgotten, Joe Flacco threw 11 touchdowns in that span, which goes to show how reliable Pitta truly is. The tight end regained his explosiveness and should serve as a dependable target for Flacco in 2014.

Baltimore followers should anticipate huge production from Pitta, putting up similar numbers as he once did during Ravens 2012 Super Bowl campaign.

Did I mention how trusty his hands are?

Of his 93 targets, Pitta's hands pitched tents for 61 passes--landing 66 percent of Flacco's bullets. Wide receivers Torrey Smith (45 percent) and Anquan Boldin (58 percent) averaged more yards per game, but Pitta accumulated the most yards-after-catch with (283) and was a solid possession receiver when Flacco was in trouble.

DP made immediate impact last year after recovering with 33 targets and 20 receptions for 169 yards. Yes, the man even had a touchdown reception in the snow against Minnesota. Dallas Clark didn't start any games in 2013, registered 31 catches (52 targets) for 343 yard--zero were caught in the endzone. Last, but not least, Ed Dickson started 14 games and finished 2013 with 1 touchdown, 25 catches for 273 yards.

Neither tight end will suit up in a Ravens uniform in 2014, and I'm sure I'm reiterating here--hopes are as high as Mount Everest's peak for Dennis Pitta.