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Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco: 'It's not tough to learn an offense'

Joe Flacco appeared on WNST and talked about working with Gary Kubiak and picking up his offense.

Leon Halip

A lot of us can be enthralled at the game of football, and how everything works in a cohesive unit. It's brilliant at times, with all the intricacies that go into each individual play. And maybe that's why we harp on the details of this game we love so much.

But for the players? It's like any other job. You go in, you learn and you execute.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco appeared on radio station WNST Tuesday night with Nestor Aparicio, for the "There Goes My Hero" event at Padonia Ale House. The event was set up to help raise money for leukemia patients and their families. Aparicio's wife, Jenn, was diagnosed with leukemia in March.

Flacco noted that sometimes folks can make more out of the game than what it really is, mainly because of the assumption that it could be hard to pick up offensive Gary Kubiak's offensive scheme.

"Football is football. C'mon guys, we're talking about a bunch of football players," he said on-air. "It's not tough to learn an offense. At the end of the day, you have a formation, a protection, you have a run, you have a direction to run the ball and you have a route to run as a receiver. It's not that tough."

He added: "I'm saying that [NFL players are] not the brightest people. Therefore, how hard can an NFL offense [be]?"

It's refreshing to hear that from a player, considering how serious a lot of folks can take themselves when it comes to the game — whether it's a player, a fan or a media personality. The general conversation Flacco and Aparicio had was fun, enlightening and gave some good insight into what makes Flacco tick.

Flacco also touched on what it's been like to work with Gary Kubiak so far.

"The first couple of weeks were tough because when we were in the meeting room, it was all together learning the offense, when we were out in the field, we were going through plays so quickly so that we could put it on film and learn stuff," Flacco said. "You couldn't get a sense of anyone's personality. It was business, business, business. As the time went on, you could kind of see everyone start to loosen up."

"These guys love football. You can tell that by all the amount of time they spend in there."

Flacco added that he, the other quarterbacks, assistant Rick Dennison, Kubiak and others went out to dinner recently, where they had a couple of beers and got to know each other.

If the coaching staff and Flacco can stay on the same page, this offense should have a bright future ahead of itself in 2014.

To listen to the full interview on WNST, CLICK HERE.