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Q&A with the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson on last week's mandatory minicamp

We asked Aaron Wilson five questions about last week's minicamp.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Beatdown: Which players stood out at minicamp? And if there were any, did any disappoint?

Aaron Wilson: I thought that Steve Smith, Timmy Jernigan, Darian Stewart, Ray Rice and Jacoby Jones were all impressive at the minicamp. Rookie quarterback Keith Wenning didn't display much arm strength and was intercepted several times. Wide receiver Marlon Brown dropped a lot of passes and seems to be having lapses of concentration. Strong safety Matt Elam still isn't making many big plays, but is likely to make more of an impact when the pads come on.

BB: Granted it's not running at full speed at this time of the year, how does Joe Flacco look operating out of Gary Kubiak's offense? And does it look like he and Steve Smith have been able to develop a good rapport?

AW: Flacco looks comfortable for the most part with the West Coast offense and has been accurate and adept at carrying out fakes. He still doesn't look totally natural on bootlegs and rollouts. His timing with Steve Smith is improving.

BB: Based on how they looked at minicamp, who's the frontrunner for the starting free safety job - Terrence Brooks or Darian Stewart?

AW: Darian Stewart is more instinctive and fluid at this stage of the competition.

BB: Timmy Jernigan seems to have generated some buzz. What has he done to put himself into consideration for having an active role in the defensive line's rotation?

AW: Jernigan is extremely disruptive and quick. He doesn't back down to the veteran lineman and is usually the first to get into a fight. He's a tough, confident rookie.

BB: How did C.J. Mosley look out there during minicamp and do you anticipate him being a starter from Week 1?

AW: I foresee Mosley being in the starting lineup. He's very aggressive, but plays under control. Mosley gets a lot of depth in his pass drops and jumps well to knock down or intercept high passes. Mosley looks like the real deal so far.