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Daryl Smith in purple and black forever

After his first season Daryl Smith is comfortable enough to say that he wants to finish his career in Baltimore.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Those Ravens uniforms sure are cozy. After one year in a purple jersey and black tights, Daryl Smith wants to wear those colors for the rest of his professional football career. The Ravens, who are in a win-now mode, are striving to find the perfect balance--age and talent--on both sides of the ball, and this statement made by Smith couldn't come at a better time.

They gave me a shot last year, and I want to finish here – finish my career here," Smith said. "We definitely made some strides last year, and we all want to win – win a championship."

When it comes to knowing how to fly under the radar, the 11-year veteran is the pilot. In 2011, the Jacksonville Jaguars brought in Paul Posluszny from the Bills and Smith faded to black while Posluszny soaked in the limelight. The dynamic fusion produced--together they registered 226 tackles, 17 pass defensed and five and 1/2 sacks.

The Ravens franchise has a soft spot for two types of field generals. One is tenacious, like Terrell Suggs, Ray Lewis. Others aren't as talkative, exceed expectations and get the job done. Ed Reed and Joe Flacco foot that bill. Smith is more of the latter, quiet in his own confidence and consistently delivers at a high-level. 

The newcomer who was hauled in to serve as a makeshift for the legendary Ray Lewis, added 123 more tackles and 18 pass deflections to his resume. Before his groin injury in 2012, the beast had only 19 pass deflects in three seasons (2009-11). The Ravens' defense will need every single one of his swats in 2014.

Smith's 32-year-old body will need to stay healthy to keep up with the ever-evolving pass-happy League; with an athletic bunch on their defense, the conglomeration of the youthful and wise, the Ravens should gel together and win more games than the Pittsburgh Steelers this season.