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Safety Darian Stewart impressed John Harbaugh during minicamp

Stewart would appear to be the frontrunner for the starting free safety spot.

Whitney Curtis

In this past NFL draft, the Ravens took free safety Terrence Brooks in the third round, which garnered a lot of praise from fans and writers alike.

But there's a decent chance that Brooks won't open the 2014 season as Baltimore's starting free safety. That role could go to Darian Stewart, a versatile safety brought in this offseason. Having last played in St. Louis, Stewart has some familiarity with what Steve Spagnuolo expects in the back end.

But Stewart also apparently stood out during minicamp practices, where he got to take reps with the first team.

"Darian has done a nice job," coach John Harbaugh told reporters on Thursday. "One full secondary back there today was a good indication where we're at with it. They're calling the plays [with] very few mistakes back there. I thought Darian and Matt [Elam] took charge. Jeromy Miles is playing very well [and] took charge. The safeties, the whole secondary, are looking good."

It looks like the starting safeties, for now, are Stewart and Elam. Brooks will have every opportunity, as a third-rounder, to become a starter. But that may not happen right away.