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Friday Ravens links: Ravens to return favor to 49ers, Kelechi Osemele could be a breakout player

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It will be interesting to see both of the Harbaugh brothers' teams practicing during training camp. But this appears to be more than a one-time deal.

Coach John Harbaugh told reporters, via, that the Ravens will likely head out to San Francisco to practice against the 49ers in a future preseason, with 2015 being a potential year to do so.

“I’m excited about the fact that we’ve never done it before," Harbaugh said. "We are going against a program that we understand what they’re all about. So we’re not bringing some program in here that we don’t trust, that doesn’t believe in the things that we believe as far as hard work. It’s going to be a program that mirrors what we’re trying to do as far as working hard. To me, that’s really important and I think we’ll both get better as a result.”


Kelechi Osemele had a strong rookie year but had to play the regular season at right tackle before moving to left guard for the Super Bowl run. Then last year hit and a back injury forced him to head to injured reserve, which came after struggling early on.

But by all reports thus far, Osemele has put in the work and has looked good this spring. Purple Reign Show's Will Grabill lists Osemele as a potential breakout player in 2014 as a result.


With a few Ravens players getting in trouble with the law this offseason, Harbaugh addressed the issue as a serious matter, writes Russell Street Report's Brian Bower.