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Mini camp day 3 presser: Live blog

I will be live blogging today's presser. Keep hitting that refresh button!

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Head Coach John Harbaugh, DE Chris Canty, QB Joe Flacco, LB Daryl Smith, and G Marshall Yanda are all set to speak with the media today at 2 about all things Ravens.

Joe Flacco

"I think all three quarterbacks have done a good job."

"It's tough to rate how different we are gonna look."

On Ray Rice's conditioning:

"He's doing a great job."

On getting rid of the ball:

"It is definitely get the ball out of your hands, because there always a route somewhere that you can get it out to."

"There's no real grey area [in this offense.]"

"I'm still in the period of excitement."

Chris Canty

"The young guys are doing a tremendous job." "I'm excited to see what they can do."

On Daryl Smith:

"He can put himself and other players in position to make plays."

"He has played at a high level for a very long time."

On the offense:

"It's different. It's something we didn't see last year. It presents new challenges for us."

On his 2013:

"I was disappointed by the performance both personally and as a football team."

On Brent Urban:

"He has a good feel for block recognition, particularly in the run game."

"Still feeling some things out in other areas, but those will come. Good hand usage."

"He's gonna help our football team."

Marshall Yanda

"Everybody's keeping their head down and learning the offense and doing their best."

On Rick Wagner:

"He's a young guy so I try to help him."

"I just try to give him the calls so he can do his job."

On last year:

"Last year is over and done with. I like what we see."

"Either way we are moving on."

On Zuttah:

"He seems like he's doing a good job."

"He's a hard worker."

On the run game:

"I think that it could be really good. We're all excited. We like running the zone scheme."

"As offensive line, we always love to run the ball."

Daryl Smith

On his 2013:

"We did some good things, but ultimately we're out here to win and we didn't win enough."

On building on that:

"We played good in different spots. We'd start slow and finish strongly, but at times just do the opposite."

On C.J. Mosley:

"It's a great pick."

On talking to other players:

"That's been going on since they've been here."

At LB competition:

"It's gonna be good. We got a lot of young guys that can play ball here."

On coming back:

"I want to finish my career here. We definitely made some strides here and we want to win."

On 2014:

"We got a long way to go."

Coach Harbaugh

On his height:

"I'm taller than you!"


"The offseason program has been good. We're done. I think we got about as much out of it as we could have."

"The next phase is training camp."

"Injured players: Kapron Lewis-Moore has a hamstring pull chasing Tyrod."

"The last thing is the competition has been really great." "We have a deep 90 man roster."

On Daryl Smith:

"Daryl did a great job. Everything I expected and more."

"He played every snap for us on defense."

On Ray Rice:

"I'm not aware of any time table at all."

On the team:

"We're definitely younger. That's the nature of it. There's always a cycle. I like our young guys."

"We'll see when the real plays start flying."

On offseason issues heading into break:

"It's always the same high standard. We always have the same high standard."

On limited participants playing in TC:

"A lot of it has to do with no set backs."

On Darien Stewart:

"Darien looks good."

"Very few mistakes back there. The whole secondary is looking good."

On try outs:

"I'd say those guys acquitted themselves very well."

On Joe an offense:

"We want to be comfortable in discomfort."

"Joe looks good."

On the 49ers practice:

"We want to go against the best."

"We got lots of fields."

"We will go to San Francisco at some point, probably next year."

"We've never done it before. It's a program we know a lot about."

"Hopefully the two head coaches wont get locked in some sort of death grip."

On Kelechi Osemele:

"Very pleased with Kelechi."

"We will know when we line up against San Francisco."