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Ravens trying out fullback/tight end Shayne Broxsie

The former Florida State Seminole is at Ravens mini-camp trying out for the team.

Patrick McDermott

The Ravens are trying out fullback/tight end Shayne Broxsie. The former Florida State Seminole will likely be competing more as a blocker and special teams player since the Ravens are set at tight end with Owen Daniels, Dennis Pitta and rookie third-round draft pick Crockett Gillmore. 

However, it does open Kyle Juszczyk open to competition. The second year player out of Harvard has been a standout on special teams but had no impact on offense last year. With new offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak's love for the hybrid fullback/tight end, it is no wonder that the Ravens are seeking out additional players to challenge for that role. However, it is surprising to see Broxsie at camp given that his college career stats are only two receptions, meaning that he was used almost exclusively as a blocker. The Ravens could want to utilize him more as a blocker in the new offensive scheme but that seems unlikely.

During mini-camps, teams often add players just to have more warm bodies on the field and look for ways to utilize players in certain situations. Often times, the players brought on to try-out aren't actually signed and are mainly motivational tools for players that might be slacking. With Juszczyk not popping up much in reports through OTAs and mini-camp, this could be exactly what the Ravens are trying to do in order to get more out of him.