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Gary Kubiak won't cater to Joe Flacco, emphasizing fundamentals

The Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston wrote that there's a different approach going on with Gary Kubiak at offensive coordinator.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Joe Flacco was riding an all-time high following his 2012 postseason performance, when he threw for 11 touchdowns, zero interceptions and capped things off with a Super Bowl MVP.

And then everything went wrong for him in 2013, with the quarterback throwing a career-high 22 interceptions. Through the ups and downs, however, Flacco has dealt with calm personalities in the offensive meeting rooms, with Cam Cameron and Jim Caldwell talking him up behind the scenes.

According to The Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston, that won't happen anymore. He writes that Flacco and Kubiak have two different personalities, with the new offensive coordinator using a more old-school approach to his teaching. Kubiak wants Flacco to work on his fundamentals, given that Flacco's play a year ago was poor in this department.

For any veteran quarterback, that can be tough to stomach, I'd imagine.

Preston wrote:

"Kubiak is as much of a stickler on fundamentals as he is in learning the playbook. He constantly works on foot work, drop backs and securing the ball -- all areas in which Flacco definitely needs to improve. Flacco's mechanics have been decent, but also sloppy at times."

It appears the days of things being warm and fuzzy for Flacco are done. And perhaps that could work out better in the long-term for him if he has someone in his ear making sure he's on point in ever facet of his game.