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A day for dads : Ravens Edition

Celebrating our team for not only being great on the field, but for their parenthood.

A Day for Dad's

Sunday has come and gone, but that doesn't mean we can't take an appreciation for our Charm City team. With 53 men on the final roster, there will of course be a father or two, and what a celebration for them. And the first person to start, would be our Super Bowl MVP, Joe Flacco.

After the World Championship, and the parade ended, Joe took his child Daniel with him to M&T Bank Stadium, and wrapped him up like the 'Bundle of Joy' we all love.

Another player known for his tremendous support of his child, the big guy: Haloti Ngata. Besides being the cliche teddy bear when not mauling opposing teams, Ngata has the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation with the Mission Statement of, "The mission of the Haloti Ngata Family Foundation is to improve the lives of others through love and strength." A big heart filled with love, for not only his family, but attempting to help others.

Star wide out for the team Torrey Smith known not only for his afterburner speed, but also his fun and entertaining use of social media. With his wife Chanel, they had posted a very exciting announcement. During the current offseason Smith has started a blog, and even wrote up about being a father to his newborn son TJ.

There are obviously more fathers than just the three mentioned, and to all the Raven uniformed, Happy Father's Day!