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Which Ravens' coaches might get taken?

The Baltimore Ravens have a history of taking coaches and turning them into stars around the league. Like players, the Ravens lose coaches seemingly every year as they get promoted to other teams. Who could it be this year?

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The Baltimore Ravens have a tradition of bringing up players and turning them into stars only to have them poached the next year by other teams desperate to win. The Ravens also have a history of having their coaches poached for the same reasons. As Jason Butt pointed out, the Ravens have the most coaches in the NFL currently which gives the Ravens more chances than any other team to be poached of great generals.

With such a rich history in losing coaches to other teams including Rex Ryan, Mike Singletary, Marvin Lewis and many others; we'll take a look at which coaches might be gone after this season.

Gary Kubiak - Offensive Coordinator

Kubiak was the head coach of the Houston Texans from 2006 all the way until last year when he was let go following a league worst, 2-11 performance. With multiple head coaching openings around the league this offseason, Kubiak was passed over mainly due to his on-field stroke which caused him to miss the second half of a game against the Indianapolis Colts in November. While Kubiak was eventually cleared to return to action, teams didn't want to offer him a head coaching job with the idea that their coach could again have a stroke and miss significant time. Many around the league figured that Kubiak would sit out for a year or two before his phone rang but an impressive performance lifting the Ravens' rather pedestrian offense into the top-5 would be all teams need to see to give him another shot at leading a team.

Rick Dennison - Quarterbacks Coach

Dennison has a pedigree of being an offensive coordinator and has done well in the league with the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans. However, he followed Kubiak to Baltimore as he has done for most of his career to coach quarterback Joe Flacco. Just like Kubiak, a good showing this year by Flacco would be all that teams want to see in order to push Dennison into an offensive coordinator position. To go with that point, if Kubiak is rehired by another team as a head coach, you can bet that Dennison is likely to follow Kubiak out the door to coach the offense.

Steve Spagnuolo - Assistant Head Coach/Secondary

As a former head coach himself, Spanuolo has the pedigree and the name recognition that teams like to see from their head coaches. A former Super Bowl winning coordinator with an aggressive style, Spagnuolo could be a good choice for a team that might have a softer history and wants to use more aggression in taking it to opponents. While his head coaching trip with the St. Louis Rams didn't work out well for either Spagnuolo or the Rams, some tutelageunder head coach John Harbaugh might be enough to have teams give him a call and interview him.

Dean Pees - Defensive Coordinator

After dealing with the retirement of Ray Lewis and the departure of Ed Reed, Pees has had to half rebuild one of the most feared defenses of all time and has done well in that task. By continuing the tradition of training up draft picks and undrafted players into stars, Pees has been able to put a competitive team on the field. While the stats don't put him quite in the realm of the tippy-top defenses in the league, player development is something that head coaches are needed for. For that matter, just being a Ravens coach is sometimes enough to warrant an interview.. just ask Jim Caldwell about how his mediocre offense got him a job with the Detroit Lions this offseason.

Is there anyone that we missed you think could be poached by another team?