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Joe Fl-athletic-co?

I played baseball in the fifth grade. I was OK (who wasn't?).

John Grieshop

I played baseball in the fifth grade. I was OK (who wasn't) jug machines slow-pitched to us and I was the best third baseman in Silver Spring, Md. I moved onto football and quarterbacked for five - ahem - flag football championships in college. I'm going to sound a little salty here -- never once did anybody label me as "athletic."

Joe Flacco is surprisingly athletic, according to Offensive Coordinator Gary Kubiak, the Ravens quarterback who led his high school baseball team to a state title enthralled the offensive coordinator with his moves.

"I had no idea how good an athlete he is. He’s a very good athlete."

Kubiak has worked with athletic quarterbacks like John Elway and Steve Young in the past. Five Super Bowl rings between the two legends, those gents were pretty good.

"The things we like to do moving around, the zone-pass schemes that we like to run, I think fit to a lot of his strengths," Kubiak said. "This league is about making big plays. It’s hard [when you go] three or four yards a pop to do it. You have to make some big plays, and Joe gives you the ability to do that."

The Ravens better get to work - the offense averaged 4.5 yards "a pop" in 2013.