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Donte Stallworth to join coaching staff as intern

Back in Baltimore, Stallworth joins the Ravens' coaching staff for the summer.

Matt Sullivan

Per the team's official website, former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver, Donte Stallworth, has rejoined the team as a "summer intern" through the 'NFL's minority coaching fellowship program." The program according to the official site:

The Bill Walsh NFL Minority Coaching Fellowship is administered through the league’s player engagement department to increase the number of full-time minority coaches in the league. Walsh introduced the idea to the league in 1987 when he brought in a group of minority coaches into his San Francisco 49ers training camp, and eventually every team became a participant in the program.

Stallworth, who battled legal problems and injury issues toward the end of his 10 year career, last played for the Ravens in 2010, where he saw action in 8 games. He joins Richan Gaskins from Gallaudet University and Tsuyoshi Kawata from Stanford as the group of coaching interns leading up to training camp. Their jobs presumably include coffee runs, making copies, and carrying clipboards. Wonder if they're getting a college credit?