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Ravens players Twitter round-up

What are some of the Ravens players tweeting nowadays?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

What are some of the Ravens players tweeting nowadays? Matt Miselis went through his progressions and dug up some tweets posted by the team's more popular players. What's an MCM? Mellette tweeted very good news. And who takes naps at 6:10 p.m.?

Will somebody get our rookie safety a shoe plug? Terrence Brooks needs one ASAP.

We will get Brooks anything he wants if he promises to deliver the hits this upcoming season.

I serenaded my ex-girlfriends in high school by singing them You Are My Everything by 98 Degrees. For Brown, well:

Marlon Brown labels the nap he took two days ago at 6:10 p.m. ET as "everything" and promotes Rich the Kid's song.

Find the song here.

Punters are people too, seriously, Sam Koch found this Vine video funny enough to retweet it for his fans.

It's actually hilarious.

And Bernard Pierce says that he knows he's basic -- tweeting that his mom thinks he's handsome.

Finally, there is a first. Baby's first word, child's first bike ride, and yep--add this one on your list folks--Aaron Mellette's teammates are calling him by his first name.