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Baltimore Beatdown 7 Round Mock Draft

Tonight is the night that the Ravens have planned for. We've all seen the lists and we've all done the research. Now comes the time to select players to be on the 2014 Baltimore Ravens roster.

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Tonight is the night that the Ravens have planned for. We've all seen the lists and we've all done the research. Now comes the time to select players to be on the 2014 Baltimore Ravens roster. For this, I used the live mock draft from FanSpeak, but combined that with MaLor's list in order to select players that we feel are a good fit for the Ravens.

With that being said, let's see how the Ravens' draft might go...

Round 1 #17 - Mike Evans - Wide Receiver - Texas A&M

There is little to no chance that Evans slips down to the Ravens at the 17th pick, but with him still on the board, I couldn't stop clicking to select him. Exactly what the Ravens need at wide receiver, the 6-foot-4 prospect is as dangerous a weapon as you'll find in this draft and should team up with quarterback Joe Flacco for quite a few years to be a top receiving threat.

Round 2 #48 - Dominique Easley - Defensive Tackle - Florida

A late bloomer at Florida, Easley feels like a bit of a reach but he was the best player reasonably available at the Ravens 48th pick. Easley has a super burst off the line and even though he is smaller for a defensive tackle, he often surprises offensive lineman and can get penetration. He has some injury concerns and that is why he is truly a reach at this pick, but if he can stay healthy, this is where he should be taken at.

Round 3 #79 - Terrance West - Running Back - Towson

While I'm personally a bigger fan of Carlos Hyde from Ohio State given our scheme, West is not only a fan favorite here at Baltimore Beatdown, but MaLor loves him at this spot as well. West is a smaller running back with quick strike, one cut ability much in the mold of fellow Raven, Ray Rice. Given Rice's off the field troubles and declined production last year, West could fit in as a substitution player immediately and even possibly take over for Rice in the next year or two.

Round 3 #99 - Keith McGill - Cornerback - Utah

Wow is McGill a big boy at 6-foot-3 and 211 pounds. Hard hitting, athletic press-man corner that would fit beautifully in what the Ravens like to do. He isn't known as much of a run support corner which dings him but if anyone will teach him to come up and lay a shoulder, it is the Ravens' defense. The biggest knock on McGill is that he is raw and comes from a Junior College background. A few years sitting and learning behind one of the better corner tandems in the league should see him ready to make a major impact around his third year outside. However, he should immediately battle for the nickle position against the more savvy but less physically imposing corners that the Ravens have on the roster.

Round 4 #134 - Brent Urban - Defensive End - Virginia

Urban is tall and lanky defensive end that can get pushed around as he stands right now. But the interesting thing about him is that he is still growing and filling out his frame. Even at his current size, he'll disrupt passing lanes with his long arms and height and can develop into a better pass rusher. Urban is a developmental project that, if he hits his full potential, could be similar to JJ Watt in how disruptive he can be.

Round 4 #138 - Seantrel Henderson - Offensive Tackle - Miami

Massive player at 6-foot-7 and 331 pounds with long arms and serious strength. Physically as gifted as a tackle prospect can come and if he can stay on the field, he could be the Ravens' right tackle for the next decade. Unfortunately though, Henderson ended up getting a name as an underachiever due to injury and three separate suspensions at Miami. If Henderson ever has a shot at shedding the label he has deservedly earned, he'll need a tough locker room and coaching staff to push him and keep an eye on him. High risk, high reward player that could end up being a genius move or a wasted pick. Henderson is also a major reach as he is expected to be picked in the 200's but was the best prospect on the list that wasn't a running back.

Round 5 - #175 - Tajh Boyd - Quarterback - Clemson

This is a pretty major reach for Boyd in this draft, but he is the best player left on MaLor's list right now. Realistically, the Ravens could have grabbed him in the next round without much trouble. Even with that, I'm not the hugest fan of Boyd since he seems to be more of a running back with a cannon for an arm instead of a pocket passing quarterback with a cannon for an arm.

Round 6 #194 - Ty Zimmerman - Safety - Kansas State

Safety is still a need for the Ravens. Even after signing a veteran during free agency and having some young players waiting, the Ravens need depth at the free safety spot. Zimmerman isn't a day 1 starter and really is pure depth to compete for a starting job and special teams play time. While Zimmerman is decent size, he lacks the speed to really make an impact. What he lacks in speed and physical attributes, he makes up for in pure football smarts and will often times be in the right spot just because he knows where the play is going. He could make a good deep safety but at this point, MaLor's list has run out of players and these are more depth picks and flyers due to injuries in college.

So there you have it. One of the ways that the Ravens' draft could pan out. I think that just about every need was covered even if I didn't get a starting free safety and some players were reaches. Ultimately, I'd be pretty happy with this draft since I think 4 or 5 of the picks would play some in the first year and pan out as decent players for the Ravens over their careers.