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POLL: Should the Ravens trade back, stay at 17 or trade up?

Here's a chance for the community to vote on what they want the Ravens to do with their first-round pick.

Kevin C. Cox

What should the Ravens do in the first round of the NFL draft?

Three obvious options exist: Stay at 17, trade up or trade back. History suggests the Ravens would want to trade back, based on their desire to accrue picks. Staying at 17 could prove to be beneficial though, especially if a player of their liking falls to that spot.

Even without enough picks to trade, there could be a scenario where the Ravens feel the need to move up a couple of spots, especially if a player such as Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or Mike Evans suddenly falls due to a run on players at another position.

Each scenario has its advantages. With the draft being so deep, there's practically not a wrong answer, as long as the Ravens get a quality guy that can fill a need and contribute immediately.

So what do you think the Ravens should do? Vote below.