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Ravens fans are better, out-of-this-world

Hey non-Ravens fans, stop flexing now, yo.

Ravens fans are indescribable.
Ravens fans are indescribable.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Steelers non-Ravens fans, stop flexing now, yo.

Basically. This Ravens devotee posted you up, jab-stepped to the left (you fell), and Vince Carter’d you. … Olympics’ Game-style.

Astronaut and Baltimore native Reid Wiseman tackled down a lifelong childhood dream two days ago—fly to space—and in achieving this uncommon feat, posterized every NFL fanbase by pulling off one world-class move to set the record straight.

That’s right, Wiseman wisely (pun intended) packed his Ravens jersey in his suitcase for the six-month voyage in orbit.

The 1993 Dulaney High School (stand up!) graduate was launched in the Russian-built Soyuz rocket on Wednesday along with two other crewmembers. The spacecraft successfully docked at the International Space Station later that night.

So the next time you cheer for your favorite team, keep in mind that an astronaut in a Ravens jersey is looking down on you—because, well, he can’t help it.

Are you die-hard enough to become a spaceman?