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Joe Flacco figured the Ravens would draft defense early

Speaking to, Flacco said he wasn't surprised the organization's first three picks were on the defensive side of the ball.

Patrick Smith

For the second consecutive offseason, the Ravens didn't take an offensive player with one of its first three picks in the NFL draft.

In fact, in different orders, the Ravens have taken defensive tackles, safeties and inside linebackers with those selections in back-to-back years. It would have been easy for quarterback Joe Flacco to sit there and wonder why the Ravens are refusing to address the offensive side of the ball, especially in this class when there were quite a few quality skill position players early.

But the Ravens already signed receiver Steve Smith and tight end Owen Daniels, while bringing back Jacoby Jones to a new deal. Speaking in a sit-down interview with's Garrett Downing, Flacco said it would have been hard for the Ravens to draft a skill position player early and work him into the offense with who's already on the roster for the 2014 season.

"I wasn't that surprised. Like I said, we're so set. If you're going to pick a skill guy, where are they going to fit in?" Flacco said. "We have Torrey [Smith], Jacoby, Marlon [Brown], Steve, Dennis [Pitta], Owen, Ray [Rice], Bernard [Pierce]. We have so many guys at all those skill positions that we think are the guys, and they've been the guys, that it's really tough to bring some other guys in. I kind of expected it to go the way it went."

To watch the full interview, CLICK HERE.