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RESULTS: Majority of community prefers C.J. Mosley to Eric Ebron

In a poll, 75 percent of the Baltimore Beatdown community is happy the Ravens got C.J. Mosley over Eric Ebron.

Larry French

Given the revelation that Eric Ebron was atop the Ravens' wish list for the draft, I set up a poll wondering if Ravens fans would have preferred the former UNC tight end or the eventual first-round draft choice C.J. Mosley.

Those that participated overwhelmingly were in support of the Ravens grabbing Mosley over Ebron. Ebron went 10th overall to Detroit, though Eric DeCosta said earlier this week that there was a great feeling that if the Lions went elsewhere, that Ebron may have fallen to the Ravens at 17.

But 75 percent of those that participated int he poll were in support of the Mosley pick, and it would appear that there's not much second-guessing going on. The Ravens got their guy and the fans are pleased with him. What I take from this is that the majority of you guys believe there's no reason to look back now.

Here are some comments from community members on the topic:

vlad755: "I was quite happy when Detroit swooped in and selected Ebron -too many flags for #17 for my comfort level -let somebody else roll the dice with him. If he ends up being Robin to Megatron’s Batman, so be it but I would’ve rather’d not taken the chance on him."

rayisyourdaddy: "As much as I hated the thought of drafting an ILB in the 1st I hated the thought of drafting Ebron more. It’s not just that he is a TE- it is that he is a TE that needs tons of work on his blocking, and I didn’t feel he was good value."

easye88: "I think people around here got a little caught up in the dumb ass Dickson 2.0 comments some of you were making. i think he is going to be really good as his skill set is not matched by a whole lot of players in the league. i didnt really want him as our pick more because of the value of TEs in the later rounds."

RealRavensFan: "I'm not as crazy about Ebron, and even if they are, it's tasteless for them to say this. If I were CJ Mosley, I would feel slighted. It’s like, "Congrats on being a Raven, but we wanted _______ instead."

jerreegarcia: "Yeah it would really hurt seeing him in the AFC. I think he’s gonna be a fine player; I said at the time the same thing as DeCosta, that i was very surprised that Detroit took him. My pre-draft prediction was Ebron falls to us. I have never quite figured out why the Ravens like to make this stuff known ahead of time though. Wonder if Caldwell was the main driver of that choice."