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Ravens have high hopes for Michael Campanaro

Eric DeCosta compared Campanaro to Julian Edelman, Wes Welker.

Mike Ehrmann

Though he was a seventh-round pick, it sure sounds like there are some high hopes for rookie receiver Michael Campanaro.

During a Q&A this week at Mother's Federal Hill Grille, moderated by the publication Press Box, assistant general manager Eric DeCosta stated how high his opinion is of the slot receiver out of Wake Forest. Searching for a player that can move the chains, the Ravens thought Campanaro stuck out both on film and during a workout during the organization's local pro day.

"I had seen this guy at the Senior Bowl and when I saw him at the Senior Bowl, I was thinking to myself ‘you know we were considering paying $5 million a year this year for a slot receiver in free agency,'" DeCosta said, via Russell Street Report. "This guy is going to be that guy in two to three years."

It's safe to assume the slot receiver in question that DeCosta is referring to is Julian Edelman, who ultimately re-signed with the Patriots during free agency.

One reason the Ravens traded back into the draft that there was a general feeling that Campanaro would be taken late be unavailable to sign as a free agent. DeCosta offered a few comparisons for Campanaro, who could fit very well in Gary Kubiak's offense.

"If you think about guys like Edelman, [Wes] Welker even Davone Bess, a lot of these type of guys are late round draft picks and all might lack one quality, it might be size, it might be speed but they have the ability to get open inside and make the tough catches and move the sticks," DeCosta said.

That's a lot of pressure to place on a seventh-rounder, all things considered. But DeCosta wouldn't throw those kind of comments around if he didn't mean them.

On another Campanaro note, there's this, which is just ridiculously awesome:

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