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Thursday Ravens links: Rackley embracing fresh start, should team switch to a 4-3 defense?

Read what others are writing about the Baltimore Ravens.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Guard Will Rackley had some tough moments during his time in Jacksonville.

Though he started 25 games for the Jaguars, his on-field play wasn't up to the potential based on his third-round draft status in 2011. The Jaguars released him this past March, with the Ravens scooping him up a few days ago. Speaking to The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, Rackley said he's embracing being able to start over with the Ravens.

"This could be a great fit for me," Rackley said. "I think they're looking mostly at me playing guard now, whatever I can do to help the team."


For quite some time, the Ravens have used a 3-4 defensive alignment and seen quite a bit of success doing it. But Purple Reign Show's Phil Gentile is of the opinion that maybe it's time for the organization to switch to a 4-3, based on the success other teams are having with it.

He writes: "In 2013, the top three teams in total defense (Seahawks, Panthers, and Bengals) all used the 4-3 defense. The Ravens would be wise to copy the Seahawks' defensive philosophy. Seattle rotates in numerous defensive linemen throughout the game so they are always fresh and ready to rush the passer whenever needed."

*'s Clifton Brown writes that Ray Rice can now focus on his bounce-back season in 2014 now that the biggest part of his legal matter is out of the way. Rice had just 660 yards and four touchdowns a season ago.