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Pro Football Focus lists one Ravens player in top 101 players

Only one Ravens player made the PFF top 101 rankings.

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Rob Carr

Based on last season, the Ravens didn't have too many top-tier contributors, according to website Pro Football Focus.

The advanced statistics website ranked just one Ravens player in its top 101 players, based on how they performed a season ago. That player was outside linebacker Elvis Dumervil, who checked in at No. 69.

Otherwise, that's it. No other Ravens player cracked the list.

Compare that to the fact that two Eagles players (LeSean McCoy, Evan Mathis) and two Buccaneers players (Gerald McCoy and Levonte David) made the top 10 and you're left thinking the Ravens should be doing more to get this kind of recognition.

Texans defensive end J.J. Watt topped the list, with a +111.6 overall grade, despite the fact his team ended up being the worst in the NFL in 2014.

The top-rated AFC North player is Bengals offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, who ranks at No. 9 with a +20.2 grade at tackle and a +16.5 grade at guard.