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Michael Campanaro happy Ravens traded back in to get him

The Ravens traded with the Browns to get Campanaro in the seventh round.

Mike Ehrmann

Michael Campanaro was sure the Ravens wouldn't pick him, especially considering the team had just take Keith Wenning in the sixth round.

I'm sure most everyone else thought the same thing once the Ravens passed on him for a backup quarterback. But with Campanaro still there in the seventh round, the Ravens made a trade with the Browns to get back in at the 218th pick.

Campanaro then became a Raven, and offered a funny story about it during media availability at Baltimore's rookie minicamp.

"I knew they didn’t have a seventh, and then once they picked in the sixth — I was telling you yesterday — my girlfriend is a huge Ravens fan, so she started talking crap about the Ravens," Campanaro told reporters. "She went over, she was sitting with my mom, and she was like, ‘I can’t believe the Ravens didn’t [pick you],’ and then they traded back into the draft, so she was excited. A lot of people were."

Given the Ravens traded a 2015 pick, it's likely he'll make the roster in 2014. We'll wait and see what kind of role he'll have this season.