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Average Season Leads To Average Odds In Vegas for the Ravens to win Super Bowl XLIX

Only 12 teams have worse odds to win Super Bowl XLIX.


The Ravens are coming off an average 8-8 season, so Las Vegas bookmakers have given them average odds of winning their second Super Bowl in three seasons.

According to Bovada Online Sportsbook, the Ravens have been given 40:1 odds to hoist the Lombardi Trophy this season. Bovada just released their odds following last week's NFL draft.

The Ravens have some company with their 40:1 odds. Joining the Ravens are the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans, New York Giants and San Diego Chargers. Even worse, there are only 12 other teams where Vegas favors the Ravens over them.

Last year's Super Bowl participants were named the favorites this year - the Seattle Seahawks were given 6:1 odds whereas the Denver Broncos were given 7:1 odds after laying an egg last season on footballs biggest stage.

The Oakland Raiders (100:1) and Jacksonville Jaguars (150:1) continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL and Vegas has put their money where there mouth is.

Teams with a better shot to win the Super Bowl in Vegas' eyes are the Seahawks, Broncos, Patriots, 49ers, Packers, Bears, Colts, Saints, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons, Chiefs and Steelers.

So, do you feel like the Ravens should have been shown more love or is their ranking just about right?

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