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Ravens announce signings of Crockett Gillmore, John Urschel and Keith Wenning

The Ravens are getting their deals done quickly.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens appear to be doing what they can to get their draft picks locked up as quick as possible.

On Wednesday afternoon, the organization announced that they've signed draft picks tight end Crockett Gillmore (Colorado State, third round), offensive guard John Urschel (Penn State, fifth round) and quarterback Keith Wenning (Ball State, sixth round) to four-year deals.

Once the organization announces the Michael Campanaro deal as official, the Ravens would have signed four picks in a span of four days since the end of the draft.

The new rookie wage scale definitely plays a part in this as teams are locked into paying players a certain amount. Teams can get deals done and the threat of a holdout is next to none.