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Ravens defensive tackle Derrick Hopkins receives biggest UDFA bonus

Indicates how highly the Ravens think of him.

Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

Often an indicator in how valuable an organization sees an undrafted free agent is what their signing bonus is.

Granted that the signing bonus of an undrafted free agent is going to be significantly lower than that of a draft pick, it still shows which ones are higher on the pecking order.

In this instance, it appears which player the Ravens might be highest on when it comes to the 18 undrafted free agents — which includes Montana Tech's Ryan Jones — signed shortly after the draft.

According to The Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson, former Virginia Tech defensive tackle Derrick Hopkins received a $10,000 signing bonus with the Ravens. Hopkins was a standout with the Hokies, totaling 165 career tackles. This doesn't mean Hopkins will make the roster by any means. It just means what they think of him at this time. Obviously, that can change once all of the players get together throughout the entire offseason and into training camp.

The Ravens also handed out $9,000 bonuses to tackles James Hurst and Parker Graham, with cornerback Sammy Seamster getting one for $8,000.

Hey, it's not much when you consider the billion dollar business the NFL has become. But it still shows what kind of value an organization places on certain players in the undrafted market.