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SB Nation's Dan Kadar breaks down Ravens day two selections

Read what Dan Kadar had to say about Baltimore's three picks on Friday.

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Fans seem mixed on the day two picks.

Some seem confused with the Ravens taking defensive tackle Timmy Jernigan in the second round. Most appeared thrilled with taking safety Terrence Brooks in the third. There seemed to be little excitement over tight end Crockett Gillmore at the 99th overall pick (despite my belief that it's a great pick).

After the second and third-round selections for all teams were made, SB Nation's Dan Kadar of Mocking the Draft offered his take via email on the Ravens' selections. Kadar has spent a great deal of time looking at each of the prospects in this year's draft class. Here's his takeaway from the day two group:

On Florida State DT Timmy Jernigan:

"Jernigan is a powerhouse defensive tackle will plays extremely hard every down. When he times the snap right, he shows a nice initial burst. Too often though, Jernigan doesn't time it right and he'll be the last person to lose at the line of scrimmage. That allows offensive linemen to get under his pads and use leverage against his strength. At Florida State Jernigan showed he can hold his spot on the line against double teams."

On Florida State S Terrence Brooks:

"Brooks is a complete safety. He can man up a receiver, play the deep zone and will come up and support against the run. He has good instincts and knows where a play is going to develop. Has a good feel in zone when to stick in his area and when to move out and freelance. He does have inconsistent hands, though. In the Pittsburgh game last season, for instance, he had two interceptions but could have had at least two more. He'll drop some easy interceptions. His best all-around game of the season was against North Carolina State because he showed he can come up and aggressively play the run. As an open field tackler it would be nice to see Brooks square up and run through the ball carrier more consistently. During the first day of Senior Bowl practices Brooks rocked back on his heels and got absolutely bowled over by a running back."

On Colorado State TE Crockett Gillmore:

"Gillmore is not going to blow anyone away with big-time speed or athleticism. He's just a solid, dependable player across the board. He has build up speed and won't create a lot of separation on his routes. But once Gilmore gets up to that top gear he can bulldoze defenders in the open ield. His shows soft hands and is capable of making contested catches. Where he separates himself from a lot of tight ends is his blocking. Gilmore can actually put his hand in the dirt block alongside the offensive tackle."