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Ravens coach John Harbaugh puts his home up for sale

Any takers?

John Harbaugh is selling his home for $2.1 million.
John Harbaugh is selling his home for $2.1 million.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Don't worry, folks. John Harbaugh won't be moving too far away, at least you'd think.

But as it stands now, his home, located in Reisterstown, Md., is now on the market for $2.1 million. With the way the market has been in recent years, it appears even the Harbaughs aren't immune to selling a home for less than what homeowners pay. As The Baltimore Sun reports, Harbaugh and his wife Ingrid purchased the house for $2.34 million in 2008.

Harbaugh signed a one-year contract extension this offseason which takes him through the 2017. Unless he surprisingly takes another job or decides to quit (he won't) then he's looking to move only in the Baltimore area.

Any fans with that kind of money to buy Harbaugh's home? Or better yet, what about Ray Lewis' home, which was reduced to $950,000 this past March?

A rich Ravens fan is bound to buy both. Just you wait.