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New Segment: Top Ravens Tweets of the Week

I want to get everyone's opinion on a possible new segment for Baltimore Beat Down.

Hey, Baltimore Beat Down community. I have been searching for ways to incorporate more social networking into posts on this site. I came up with a new segment for this site, and I was just wondering what everyone thought about it.

Every Sunday, starting next week, I will search for the best, funniest, and most entertaining tweets that all Ravens' players have sent out during that week. I will then post them in a thread on here, and get everyone in the community to vote on their favorites. After voting concludes, I will release the top five tweets of the week.

For example, I would create a list like this:

After I put the whole list, everyone would then post in the comments what the top five tweets are. Then, in either an updated post or a new one, I would list the top five in order. I will also take suggestions on tweets to add to the initial voting ballot (e-mail me at, or tweet me @Frezeal33 to suggest tweets.)

It may be a little pointless, but it's definitely a way to get the community talking, and it's something fun to do on a Sunday without the NFL. Don't we all need a little entertainment on days without our beloved Ravens playing smash-mouth football?

What do you all think? Is there any way the segment could be better?