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Wishful thinking for Mike Evans comes to an end

Kris Jones wants the Ravens to draft Mike Evans. But in reality, it's not going to happen barring a miracle.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With less than two weeks until the NFL Draft approaches, I'm finally going to have to give up on my hopes of the Ravens drafting Texas A&M wide receiver Mike Evans.

Less than two months ago, it seemed like a possibility.

Combines, Pro Days and team visits exist for a reason. Sometimes it can reduce your stock (cough, cough Teddy Bridgewater, cough) and other times it can elevate it, as is the case with Evans.

Prior to the combine, Evans to Baltimore was a realistic possibility. However, I feel more confident in my odds of hitting the next Powerball jackpot than thinking that general manager would open a floodgate of lost draft picks to move up into the Top 10 to pick Evans.

At this point, he may not be escaping the Top 5.

The latest rumors are that the San Francisco 49ers are now interested in Evans. Having 11 total picks and six of which are in the first three rounds, the 49ers can be aggressive if they see someone they like.

Clemson wideout Sammy Watkins is still figured to be the first receiver off the board, but Evans shouldn't be too far behind him. With a great blend of size, speed and talent, Evans was that one player I was dreaming of in black and purple.

Unfortunately, it's likely my dream won't turn into reality.

This is still supposed to be one of thee deepest wide receiver drafts in recent history and the Ravens will be able to get a receiver of good value outside of the first round.

There are plenty of positions of need heading into next Thursday's draft, and sitting at 17th, the Ravens will likely be able to scoop up a Top 10 talent if quarterback-needy teams want to take a first round shot on somebody who I believe isn't much different than former Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron who will likely be available in the third round.